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Top Selling Items Ranking

  • This organic cotton product is made from organic cotton without the use of pesticide, chemical, or bleach. Many uses in skin care such as to gently remove makeup, skin cleansing, patting, and removing old keratin. M size (2 x 2.5 in). 200 pads.

  • Gentle moisturizing beauty soap. The rich creamy lather will cleanse your skin while locking in moisture. Contains naturally moisturizing Squalane. Sophisticated white floral scent.

  • Lathers up well. great drainage means quick drying and sanitary. Size; 1.3 x 1.3 inches Material: Nylon Made in Japan

  • This rich moisturizing facial mask contains 1000mg of Micro Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid Na, Acerola extract, and Honey to moisturize skin. The soft flexible cotton sheet fits your face well to maximize the moisturizing effect. No colorant, no mineral oil, non-comedogenic tested, and patch tested. Slight natural aroma.

  • This powerful kitchen soap contains only active ingredients for cleansing. Less slippery than regular barsoaps. No fragrance, colorant, or ethylene-diaminetetraacetic acid. Safe for cleaning plates and silverware.

  • Transform your hair to be shinier than you ever imagined. Camellia oil gives hair high contrast shine. The Tsubaki shining series is specially formulated to give your hair the extraordinary shine that Japanese women have been famous for. By combining traditional Japanese beauty ingredients with innovative Shiseido beauty technology, root-to-ends shine is now yours! Hair repair ingredients (PM/MA copolymer) sense hair damage so that ingredients for shine may be effectively absorbed into each strand of hair. The complex sweet scent of traditional Japanese flowers, fruits, honey and invigorating ginger (Cemellia flower, Hama pear, Nanko plum, White grape, Pomegranate, Golden peach, Ginger, and Kosui pear). Tsubaki Shining Conditioner formulated with concentrated pure Camellia oil will give you healthy, resilient shiny hair while also repairing hair damage to give new life to hair. Camellia flower scent. Refill

  • Refreshing Grapefruit Scent, for room. Botanical extract eliminates odor in rooms. Super wave absorbing pad spreads aroma effectively. Simple design matches to any rooms. Can adjust the strength of aroma. Usually last for 2-3 months (depends on the environment)

  • Formulated with 2 types of hyaluronic acids for moist supple skin. Soaked with milky lotion like liquid, the face mask promotes super hydration. Weakly acidic Irritant free Fragrance free Color free Oil free

  • Cream type hair color for gray hair. Soft black. Hair will become silky after use. Penetrates hair from the inside out. Does not have a strong ammonia scent. Will only take 10 minutes to dye hair. Easy to dye brush included. Comes with a treatment gel adding extra moisture and silky gloss to hair. Ammonia-free formula. Suitable for partial application.

  • Soft sponge gentle enough to wash cookware and utensils. 5 count.

  • Dish soap that cares for your hands while working up a fine cleansing lather that will rinse clean. An additive free soap free of coloring, fragrance and preservatives so there are no worries that fragrance will transfer to dishes or food. A pure soap born of natural materials (rapeseed oil, palm kernel oil). Allergy tested (individual reactions may vary).

  • Dark Brown. Speedy 5 minutes hair manicure for gray hair. Color lasts about a month. Benefits of coloring hair with hair manicure: 1. No hair damage 2. Gentle formula. (Not likely to have allergic reactions) 3. Vivid Color This kit contains: Hair manicure 100g Brush applicator Precise comb applicator Remover Skin protect cream Gloves

  • Made of the innovative Speedy Absorbing sheet. Instantly absorbs into the pad and guards side leak. Perfectly designed thickness and length won't show over the outer clothes. Cotton-feel soft mesh. Stable fit gather guards against side leak. The absorbant core in the pad locks in liquid in heavy days. For day time. 24cm in length. With wings. 22 pads.

  • Dye application completed in 5 minutes. The touchup brush is designed to spread color eveny. Natural collagen formula.

  • This unique cleansing wash works as a skin peeling treatment with AHA as well as to massage the skin with enzymes at a same time. Enzyme Massage Effect: Wash is formulate with Papaya enzyme, Kiwi extract, and scrubs to promote blood circulation and remove waste deep in pores. Power Cleansing: Simply apply directly to wet face and massage. 100% herbal cleansing ingredients gently but powerfully removes makeup.

  • 3-pack family size charcoal bar soap is plant based and contains medicated charcoal. Rinses away dirt and oil from pores and dead skin cells, leaving skin clean and smooth. Fresh Cypress scent.

  • Fragrance-free women's hair color. Quick color application for gray hair coverage. Will not leave a lingering odor on your hair or in the room. Formulated with silk protein polymer, royal jelly extract, natural olive oil and vegetable protein for a wonderfully gentle formulation. Dye time is only 15 minutes, yet effectively covers gray hair along hairline and part. Easy-to-use lotion type. Coats the hair surface for shine and smoothness. Conditioning treatment for use after color is included. For your convenience, two types of nozzles are included. Hair color is a bright light brown. Hair color is an Ash Brown.

  • Sana Superquick eyebrow pencil is formulated with clear powder to prevent over coloring. Will blend naturally with even black eyebrows and will create natural looking texture. Water proof to prevent bleeding and resistant to perspiration and facial oils. Coordinates well with light brown colored hair and brows. Brightness level: 2

  • A brightening facial cleansing foam that gently removes the skin cells containing melanin, that cause dark spots and dullness. Also removes dirt and oil for bright and translucent skin.

  • Promotes Physical Growth: It contains vitamin A and D, which are essential nutrients for healthy growth and eye protection. Vitamin A helps build resistance to respiratory infection and vitamin D helps improve absorption and phosphorous, which are essential for bone and teeth formation. KAWAI Kanyu Drop S helps build up appetite, and it can be easily absorbed by body. It also helps boost up immune system and maintains healthy skin. Flavor: Banana Indications: Supplement of Calcium, Vitamin A and D in the following cases: during and after illness, old age and growing age. Aids in development of healthy bones and teeth. Maintains healthy vision. Relieves dry eyes. Prevents night-blindness and rickets.

  • This powerful arrange hair pin holds more hair than an ordinary hair pin. It has a hair pocket which keeps hair in place. Thicker pin with powerful long arm (70mm). The tips are round, so it does not damage your scalp. You can create many updo hairstyles. 10 pins. Black.

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