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Mandom GATSBY Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Mobile

Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Mobile

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Item Number: 90867
Barcode: 45140914
Size: 0.5oz(15g)

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Use Gatsby Moving Rubber to spike up your hair as many times and ways as you like.
Sets hair style in dynamic spiky styles all day long.
Formulated with a newly developed polymer, "Moving Rubber", that creates less sticky styles with a light finish.
Moving Rubber easily spreads through hair to create the style you want.
Refreshing green apple fragrance.
Unique rubber like container has a trendy form and color.
Travel size (0.5 oz)
Gatsby Moving Rubber Type Gatsby Moving Rubber Styling Chart


1. Scoop out a small amount of Moving Rubber (fingernail sized) and rub well between palms until wax turns transparent.
2. Place hands on sides of head, scrunch and shake hands through hair wildly to cover from hair roots to ends. Avoid bangs and make sure to press down on side burns and around ears.
3. Gather hair from top and back of hair, cross fingers on crown as if you are making a mohawk and spike up your hair!
4. Scrunch and raise middle section of bangs. Use your fingers to comb sides of bangs inward.
5. Twist hair ends all along center of mohawk outward to create motion around ear area.
Close lid tightly after each use.

Salon Advice: Add more volume at crown and twist to define hair ends for a sharper outline.
To create contrast to hair volume on top, press down on hair around ears.
Before styling, lift hair up while blow drying. This will make styling easier afterwards.
Imagine that your hair and face form 2 diamonds.
1. Outer hair diamond: Tease top of hair upwards while twisting small sections of hair near ears.
2. Inner face diamond: Raise up middle section of bangs and bring sides of bangs inwards.

Reviews and Comments for Mandom GATSBY Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Mobile

  • Be careful! I made a stupid mistake and ordered this tiny mobile size instead of the regular size, while in desperate need of more hair product. Webichi is a great site and this is a great product, just make sure you notice this is spikey edge MOBILE.

    by Joe 1/4/2011 6:24:13 PM
  • I use this stuff daily. I love it. Works great on short hair, and last all day.

    by BrakX 12/23/2008 12:11:29 PM