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Koji KOJI Curving Eyelash Curler

Curving Eyelash Curler

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Item Number: 60135
Barcode: 4972915004953
Size: 1pc

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Koji Curving Eyelash Curler has been designed to fit the Asian eyelid to fan out the lashes and curl with a well fitting bow shaped frame. The curler grips each lash while fanning out the entire upper lashline into an attractive upward curl to create a larger brighter looking eye and ready for eyeliner application. With such a great fit, curling eyelashes from the root is easy.

The eyelash curler has a stopper to prevent cutting and pulling and to ensure proper pressure application.
With a width of 38mm, the curler grips all lashes from the inner to the outer ends of the eye.
Includes a case to prevent bending, soiling or damage of the curler.

Includes 2 replacement rubber pads.
With daily use, pads should be replaced after 2 months as effectiveness will have decreased.
The following may result in cutting or extraction of lashes.
- Excessive pressure or pullling during use.
- Frame is not centered with rubber pad
- Rubber pad is worn.

When rubber pad becomes worn, please replace with Curving Eyelash Curler Spare Rubber pad (sold seperately).

Frame: Steel, Nickel plating
Rubber pads: Silicon rubber
Case: Polypropylene


1. With your eyes open and facing forward, lightly place the curler bow against the eyelid directly above the eyeline curve.
2. Lightly apply pressure to the curler and the eyelid will naturally rise into the frame and eyelashes will catch by the roots in the curler. If excessive pressure is applied, eyelid may be pinched. Please use caution.
If wearing contact lenses, take care not to apply excessive pressure as lenses may catch and be expelled.
3. After curling the root area of eyelashes upward, move toward lash ends continually applying pressure (3~4 times) to curl up into a natural look.

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