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Kose CLEAR TURN Eye Zone Mask Q10 22sheets

Eye Zone Mask Q10 22sheets

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Item Number: 54895
Barcode: 4971710319354
Size: 1.1floz 22pairs

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Intensive treatment for fine wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes due to dryness.

Give the skin around your eyes resilience and dewiness!

New improved moisturizing formula with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and pearl extract.

The mask's snug fit will ensure that ample moisturizing lotion is absorbed into skin. The skin around the eyes will feel moisturized and elastic. The mask is constructed of a thick non-woven sheet. The soft sheet will fit around the eyes as if to cradle and treat.

Weakly Acidic

Fragrance free

Color free

No Mineral oil

Contains 22 sheets
Close package flap firmly after each use to prevent drying. Do not place in direct sunlight or in areas of high temperatures. After removing mask from bag use immediately. Masks are for single use only. Do not apply mask to sunburnt or otherwise irritated or injured skin. Discontinue use and consult dermatologist if needed. Do not leave on skin for extended periods or sleep while wearing mask. Mask material is not water soluble. Do not dispose of in toilet. If mask or liquid gets on clothing, rinse immediately. If mask or liquid gets on clothing, rinse immediately.
If liquid gets in eyes, rince with cold water.


Apply to eye area after washing and toner or lotion has been applied.

Open flap. Remove eye masks one at a time and set under each eye. Leave for 10 minutes.

Using mask 2 to 3 times a week is recommended; however, daily use will have even better results.

For especially dry skin, pads may be applied morning and evening.

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