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Ebisu RANGE DE Microwave Chinese Noodle Cooker

Microwave Chinese Noodle Cooker

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
Item Number: 30414
Barcode: 4901221181065
Size: 1pc

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You can cook instant soup noodle (Ramen) and vegetable together in microwave. An inner lid prevents noodle from floating and cooks evenly. You can cook vegetable while cooking noodle. You can cook from cold water or hot water.
Material: Polypropylene
Temperature resistant: -20 to 140℃ (-4 to 284F)
Holds upto 1.3L (2.75 pints)

The bowl is extremely hot after cooking. Be careful when moving the bowl from the microwave or removing the inner lid from the bowl.
Make sure that noodle is soaked into water.
Avoid fire.
Wash before using at the first time.
Do not cook on stove top or in oven.
When using a dish washer, do not put it near the area that hot steam or hot air comes out. Do not stack another dish on top.
Do not add oily food like meat to cook. The oily food tends to exceed the heat resistant limit of the container.
Place the cooker at center of the turn table in microwave.
Do not cook without water.
Follow instructions of your microwave.


1. Pour cold water or hot water from the lower line on the bowl.
2. Place instant noodle. If desire, place chopped vegetable on top of the noodle (about 100g=0.35oz).
3. Place the inner lid and start cooking in microwave. Avoid burning your hands.
4. After cooking, remove the inner lid and pour the soup stock and mix well.

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