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Koji DOLLY WINK False Eyelashes #2 Sweet Girly

False Eyelashes #2 Sweet Girly

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Item Number: 28487
Barcode: 4972915031027
Size: 2pairs

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The Dolly Wink series is for all girls who want to keep their look young and cute no matter how old they are. Experience the joy of winking with large Dolly eyes! It was with this in mind that these Dolly Wink eye products were born. Dolly Wink is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, the charismatic fashion model idolized by all age groups in Japan.

Natural looking spaced false lashes, longer and thicker at the center, to make the iris stand out and create large sweet-looking eyes.

Do not cut the false lashes. Attach the thickest lash section of the lashes right above the iris of your eye.

Clear eyelash band.

Dolly Wink

Stop using if the adhesive doen't agree with your skin. We recommend you to have a skin test before applying. To test, apply the adhesive on the inside of upper arm for 24 hours to see if an allergic reaction occurs.
Do not use if you have scars, lashes or other skin problems.
If irritation occurs using the product, stop using immediately and consult a doctor.
Gently peel off the false lashes to avoid skin irritation.

Ingredients: nylon,rubber latex,water:aqua,carbomer,hydroxypropyl methylcellulose,sodium hydroxide,ethylparaben,methylparaben,fragrance(us);parfum(eu)


How to apply false eyelashes:
1. Gently curl the lashes with an eyelash curler.
2. Gently peel off the false eyelashes from the plastic platform. The right lash is in the case marked "R" and the left in case "L".
3. Softly bend the band of false eyelashes for 10 seconds to give it a curve.
4. If the false eyelashes seem to be too wide for your eyes, adjust the width by trimming the outer corner. Make the false eyelashes about 2-3mm shorter than your eye length.
5. Using the tip of the cap, create a small hole in the adhesive tube mouth. Apply a few drops of eyelash adhesive to the bottom edge of the false Eyelash.
6. Wait 5-6 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky.
7. Apply the false eyelashes along upper lash line working from the outside corner of the eye inwards. Wait for the adhesive to dry completely before applying makeup.

How to remove false eyelashes:
Peel off the false eyelashes from the outside corner of the eye inwards. Remove the adhesive from the false eyelashes and place each on the plastic platform (right lashes on "R" and left ones on "L"). These are reusable.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including BPA, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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