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St DRY-PET De-humidifier For Clothes / Leather Sheet

De-humidifier For Clothes / Leather Sheet

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Item Number: 16586
Barcode: 4901070902682
Size: 0.9oz(25g)x12pcs

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The sheet type dehumidification agent which demonstrates three effects of moisture absorption, against mold, and deodorization. The inhaled humidity is hardened in the shape of a jelly. It is design which the moisture absorption effect and replacement time is known at a glance.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not let kids drink/eat the content by mistake. This product is not edible. If you accidently put the content in your mouth, spew out and rinse out your mouth immediately. If you swallow it, drink water or milk and consult a doctor immediately.
Avoid eyes. If the content gets into eyes, rinse with running water and consult a doctor.
If the content is spilled on skin, clothes or metals, rinse with water well.
Handle it with care. If the bag is scratched, stop using it. The content may leak out and damage clothes or leather products.
Do not dirty or moisten the non-weaven absorbing side.
Do not exert pressure on the de-humidifier. The content may leak.
Do not use in any other purposes.
Use the product in a sealed environment.
Store it sealed in cool, dry area without a direct sunlight.
Once the package is open, it gradually absorbs moisture.

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