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Dentalpro DENTALPRO L-shaped Interdental Brush Size1 (sss) 10p

L-shaped Interdental Brush Size1 (sss) 10p

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Est. Stock Date: 11/10/2021 to 11/17/2021

Item Number: 05325
Barcode: 4973227308326
Size: 10pcs

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Removes particles from between even back teeth more effectively than with brushing alone.
Easily fits between teeth. Designed in a L-shape with super fine bristles Brush keeps shape with stainless steel infused wire. Easy to grip octagon shaped handle Convenient cap.
The brush and path through gaps as small as 0.7mm.
Size Chart of L-shape Interdental Brush
Item#05324 Size SSSS(0) (0.6mm) Light pink
Item# 05325 Size SSS(1) (0.7mm) White
Item# 05326 Size SS(2) (0.8mm) Yellow
Item# 05327 Size S(3) (1.0mm) Orange
Item# 05328 Size M(4) (1.2mm) Blue

When brush will not fit interdentall space, do not force or rotate brush in an attempt to insert. Bristles or brush may fall out. If used with bent brush, breakage may occur.
After each use, rinse thoroughly with running water. Store in well ventilated area.
Use brush only as intended.
Replace when brush has become worn Consult dentist should pain and bleeding result from the use of this brush.
Keep out of reach of children.

Handle: Polyethylene
Bristles: Nylon
Wire: Stainless steel
Cap: Polypropylene

Country of origin: Japan


Insert brush carefully into the triangular spaces at gum between teeth so as not to damage gum. Move brush back and forth to clean.

When brush becomes worn and/or wire bent, effective cleaning may become difficult. Replace brush.

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