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Kose SOFTYMO Pore Pack Black For Nose & Other Areas

Pore Pack Black For Nose & Other Areas

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Item Number: 05311
Barcode: 4971710383430
Size: 5pcs

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Loosen keratin with this pore pack.
By loosening the rough surface of keratin, the pack works to peel it away on the deepest level. Oils and dirt that forms the keratin is absorbed into the pack for super smooth skin and clean pores.

With the snug and secure fit of the sheet, even small particles may be reached and removed. The sheet is also designed with slits to ensure removal of air bubbles for overall skin contact.
The black sheets make it easy to see the amount of keratin removed.
The pore pack set includes 5 strips for the nose, and 5 packets of 2 sheets for other areas of concern such as the chin or forehead.

Formulated with moisturizing Squalane and oil absorbing charcoal.
Nose packs: 5 strips
Other area packs: 5 packets (2 strips each)

Do not use on skin with wounds, acne, rash or other irritation.
Should any redness, swelling, itchiness, etc occur with use, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
Symptoms may worsen with continued use.
Do not use near eyes or mouth. Do not leave on skin for long periods of time.
Do not use if your skin is sensitive to band aids.
Use once or twice a week leaving at least 3 days between use.
During removal, should you feel pain, stop and apply water to pack before attempting removal again to prevent injury.
Keep out of reach of children.
Use pack as soon as possible after removing from packet to prevent hardening.
Do not store in extreme heat or in direct sunlight.


1. After cleansing face, moisten nose and area to apply pack with water. (Do not apply water to pack itself or touch pack with wet hands.)
2. Peel pack from film and apply to nose. Press entire pack down thoroughly to release any trapped air.
3. Leave for 10~15 minutes. The pack will not harden when completely dry. Do not allow to over-dry.
4. Started at pack edges and working toward center, gently peel. Should any of the pack remain on face, use wet cotton or towel to wipe away.

* Read enclosed instructions thoroughly.

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