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Cogit COGIT Pumice Stone Shinny Black

Pumice Stone Shinny Black

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Item Number: 04286
Barcode: 4969133233852
Size: 1pc

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For smoother heels, knees and elbows!
Brings luster to rough skin.
Materials: Charcoal, Silk, Urea
Dimensions: ( approx) 2.5"x3.2"x1.3"

Usage Notes :
Do not use on skin with wounds, cuts, swelling, rash or other issue.
Consult doctor before use if you have inflammation, diabetes, circulatory issues or skin issues.
Should any redness, swelling, itching, irritation or other abnormality become apparent with use or after use, discontinue use immediately.
Do not use on face or other sensitive body skin.
Do not use excessive force or rub excessively as skin damage may occur.
Rinse stone after use, drain and store in a well ventilated area to dry.
Do not leave where there is humidity as this my cause molding.
Do not bleach or boil stone. Product damage may occur.
Keep out of the reach of children .
Use only as intended.


Wet with hot water and lightly rub rough skin.
Results will vary per individual.

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