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Ito Kanpo BATH CELEB Bath Salt Yuzu B

Ito Kanpo
Bath Salt Yuzu B

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Item Number: 04140
Barcode: 4987645493335
Size: 24oz(680g)

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Enjoy a relaxing bathtime with Bath Celeb Salts and their gentle natural fragrances
The Yuzu scent bath salt is formulated with collagen and may be enjoyed by the entire family.
Great for fatigue, poor circulation and sore muscles.
Contents are enough for at least 27 baths.
Bath water color will be yuzu (light yellow) colored.
Notes :
Product color may alter based on concentration of chloring in tap water. This will not affect performance of product.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not store in areas of high temperatures or high humidity.
Use only as intended.
Avoid combining with other bath salts.

Should use of this product cause abnormal skin issues, consult a doctor.
Discontinue use immediately should you develop any hives , itching , irritation , or difficulty breathing during or right after use and consult a doctor. For those with allergies or who have experienced a hypersensitivity to medications in the past, use with care.

Do not ingest this product. Should a large amount be consumed, drink large quantities of water and consult a doctor.

Avoid using this product in a wooden bathtub as discoloration may occur.
Does not contain sulfur that may damage bathtub surface or plumbing.
Wash tub well after each use.


Dissolve approximately 1.5 tablespoons of bath salt in 40-53 gallons of water.

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