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Ito Kanpo BATH CELEB Bath Salt Forest B

Ito Kanpo
Bath Salt Forest B

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Item Number: 03967
Barcode: 4987645493342
Size: 24oz(680g)

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Bath Celeb is a bath salt series to relax and calm you with delicate fragrances from nature.
The Forest fragrance bath salt contains collagen to benefit your skin and is gentle enough for the entire family.
Use to treat fatigue, poor circulation and sore muscles.
Contents of 1 package may be used for 27 bath experiences.
Color of water will be a light green.
In areas with high concentration of disinfecting chlorine, a slight color change may occur. However, product performance will not be affected.
Keep out of reach of children and do not store in extremely high temperatures or humidity.
Use only as intended and avoid combining with other bath products.
For body
Discontinue use should any signs of incompatibility with skin occur and consult a doctor. Should any abnormal skin issues occur, such as hives, itching, or irritation, discontinue use and consult a doctor. For those with known skin allergies or hypersensitive skin, use product with care. Do no ingest product. Should large quantities be swallowed, drink large quantities of water and consult a doctor.
Avoid using product with the following:
In a bathtub made from wood to avoid discoloration of wood surface.
In bathtubs utilizing a fully automatic water heater. Please check tub manual for instruction.
This product does not contain sulfur that will damage bathtub or water heater.
Rinse bath, bath heater and all parts that come in contact with the bath water to clean and prevent discoloration.
Do not use bath water to water plants.


Use approximately 2 tablespoons, or as desired for the standard bath.

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