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Koji EYE TALK 1et1013 Shadow On Eye Tape Wide

1et1013 Shadow On Eye Tape Wide

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Item Number: 02924
Barcode: 4972915010138
Size: 30pairs

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Simply adhere to upper eyelid to create the appearance of double eyelids.
Eyeshadow retains color even with application over the tape.
Tape is discreet in a natural beige tone to match skin.
Tabs on both ends of the tape make application easy.
Disinfected to medical standard and gentle on skin.
Includes tool to press tape and shape lid.
Wide size tape.
Although the eye tape material is medical grade and designed to be gentle to skin, it is recommended that those prone to allergies conduct a patch test (apply tape to skin on the inside of the upper arm for 24hrs) prior to use.

Do not use on skin with cuts, swelling, eczema or other skin issues.
Should any skin abnormalty occur such as reddness, itchiness or irritation, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
Use caution when using scissors to cut tape or using stick to shape eyelid.


(1) Prior to application, wipe eyelid to remove grease and impurities. Using the shaping stick, determine the position of the eyelid fold.
(2) Grip the tabs of the tape and remove from backing.
(3) Align the top of the tape to the desired eyelid fold. Press firmly to eyelid. Cut away tabs. If tape is still too long, cut away from outer corners.
(4) Finalize shaping with stick then apply eye shadow.

Tape removal:
Soak cotton with cleansing oil or other skin cleansing lotion and apply to eyelid. Remove slowly and gently from the outer corner of the eye to prevent skin damage.

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