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Miyoshi MUTENKA Non-additive Dish Detergent Bar Soap

Non-additive Dish Detergent Bar Soap

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Item Number: 02376
Barcode: 4537130102046
Size: 12.5floz(370ml)

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Dish soap that cares for your hands while working up a fine cleansing lather that will rinse clean.
An additive free soap free of coloring, fragrance and preservatives so there are no worries that fragrance will transfer to dishes or food.
A pure soap born of natural materials (rapeseed oil, palm kernel oil).
Allergy tested (individual reactions may vary).
Pure soap (28% fatty acid potassium)

Weak alkaline constitution.

Exercise careful handling of dishes while cleansing as soap may cause slipping.
Use only as intended.
Keep out of children’s reach.
Rinse with clean running water. Dishes used for food handling should be rinsed for 5 seconds.
For long term exposure or for sensitive skin, use gloves while washing.
Do not use to wash lacquer or anodized surfaces.
Replace cap after each use.
Due to natural ingredients, soap may discolor or become cloudy in colder temperatures. This will not affect performance.
Refill only with the same soap. To mix with other liquids including water may cause poor performance and contamination.

Should soap be ingested, drink a large amount of water.
Should product make contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.
In either case, should discomfort continue, consult a doctor.


Apply about ½ teaspoon to sponge, lather up to wash dishes.
As rinsing in tub may cause re-contamination, rinse with clean running water.
Do not dilute soap in bottle with water as this may cause bacteria growth or formula alteration.

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