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Bcl TSURURI Face Cleansing Brush

Face Cleansing Brush

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Item Number: 01496
Barcode: 4515061046820
Size: 1pc

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Cleanse entire face and deep into pores with luxurious lather and the fine bristles of the Tsururi Face Cleansing Brush.
● An incredibly soft brush with extra fine bristles to effectively reach into pores and gently draw out dirt and impurities for smooth skin and easy makeup application.
● The brush bristles are 50 microns thinner than hair and reach deep into pores for a most pleasant experience resulting in polished, soft and smooth skin.

Not only is the brush perfect for deep pore cleansing, it also produces a luxurious lather and dries quickly preventing bacterial accumulation.
Simply add to your daily cleansing with the facial cleanser of your choice.
Conveniently designed to hang dry.
Do not apply to skin with skin issues such as abnormal pigmentation, inflammation, eczema, rash or scratches. Should any such issues arise with use, discontinue immediately and consult a doctor. Continued use may worsen symptoms.
Should product make contact with eyes, rinse immediately without rubbing. Should discomfort continue, consult opthamologist.
Keep out of reach of childre under the age of 7.
Use only as intended.

Do not store in areas of extreme hot/cold temperatures. Do not use excessive force when using.
To prevent mold, germs and premature deterioration, rinse well after each use and squeeze excess moisture out with thumb and index finger then place in dry well ventilated area out of direct sunlight. Do not dry with dryer as bristles may deform or change color.


Dampen face and brush with warm water. Lather up cleanser and apply to brush. Using circular motions, gently massage cleanser into face. Do not apply excessive force. Rinse thoroughly with warm or cool water.
Recommended use: 1~2 times each week.

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