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Kracie HADABISEI Eye Zone Intensive Wrinkle Care Pack

Eye Zone Intensive Wrinkle Care Pack

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Item Number: 01451
Barcode: 4901417631077
Size: 60pcs

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A sheet mask that focuses on eye wrinkles due to dryness. Formulated with a proprietary mix of royal jelly and retinol, the mask also delivers retinol concentrate EX and hyaluronic acid to the eye area to moisturize and lemon extract to soften the outer skin layer.

The mask works effectively by adhering firmly to the skin and works to permeate the outer skin later to hydrate and deliver resiliance to the eye area and dimish the appearance of wrinkles.

A 30 day supply is included to treat both eyes daily (total of 60 sheets).
Daily use is important in order to observe the beneficial effects of the treatment.
Do not use on skin with cuts, eczema, rash, scratches, etc. Should any skin issues arise while using this product, discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist. Symptoms may worsen with continued use.
Note that the liquid should not make contact with the eye. If this occurs, rinse immediately with water.
Do not use on sunburnt skin. Continue use after redness subsides.
Do not leave mask on for long periods or while sleeping.
Do not use mask more than once or return a mask to the package once it has been withdrawn.
Do not store in direct sunlight or extremely high temperatures.
Sheets are not water soluble. Do not attempt to flush.
Keep out of reach of children.
After opening, use as soon as possible.
After each use, seal lid tightly to prevent drying.


1. Gently wash face and apply lotion.
2. Open package and gently remove one mask.
3. Adhere mask to eye area being careful of dripping. Masks do not have a designated side and may be placed on right or left side.
4. Leave in place on face for 5 min

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