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Ishihara BEAUTIST #bt-280 Make Up Puff For Pressed Powder

#bt-280 Make Up Puff For Pressed Powder

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Item Number: 01349
Barcode: 4971381323254
Size: 2pcs

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Smooth makeup application with a brushed look. For quick and silky touch ups. For use with pressed powder.
Use only for inteded purposes.
Should the puff become dirty, performance may diminish and there may be adverse affects to skin. Keep puff clean and wash often.
When using puff around eyes, be careful to not let puff touch eye.
Do not use on skin that is broken or compromised.
Discontinue use should puff cause any discomfort.
Keep puff out of direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.


Press puff onto and release powder to puff. Lightly press onto face.

Care Instructions:
Wash puff whenever it becomes saturated. Use a specially designated cleanser or a mild detergent with warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry in a shaded area.

Should the texture have altered due to washing, use fabric softner or massage and wring the puff to give it back its puff.

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