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St SHOSHU-RIKI Deodorizer For Tobacco Aqua-citrus

Deodorizer For Tobacco Aqua-citrus

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Item Number: 01074
Barcode: 4901070122745
Size: 13.5floz(400ml)

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Extra strength deodorizer for tobacco use.
Formulated with Nano powder, Shoshu Riki Deodorizer quickly and thorougly eliminates toilet odors.
Nano powder is a deodorizing ingredient that absorbes odors with nano level sized pores.
After the room has been deodorized, the fragrance spreads throughout the restroom.
The label need not be removed for a designer look. The film underneath may be left as desired.
According to need, the fragrance efficacy may be adjusted. The fresh scent will last for 2~3 months depending on usage and climate.
Refreshing aqua citrus fragrance.
Cautions: This product is NOT EDIBLE. If you swallow the content by mistake, consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. Do not let the container fall down. If the content spills, wipe clean immediately. Do not store in a direct sunlight or in a high temperature. Do not use in any other purposes.


1. Twist open the outer cap.
2. Remove the white cap and discard.
3. Put the outer cap back on.
Do not remove the white absorbing rod in the outer cap.

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