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Train TRAIN Pantyhose Black M-l

Pantyhose Black M-l

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Item Number: 00349
Barcode: 4545633002374
Size: 1pc

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Pantyhose designed for those who wish to slim down while wearing. Knee high socks to cover calves. Items was born for those who want to aim to slim down while I wear it. Pantyhose will compress and relieve tired or swollen legs. Constructed of botanical materials, works to speed up metabolism and tighten and improve leg line. With benefits of a massage, your body will feel warmth with wear. Black color.

Size: M-L
Height: 4'9"-5'4"
Hip: 33.5"-38.5"
Friction may cause discoloration of sock.
Wash with like colors.
Hand wash with mild detergent in warm water.
Amount of calories expended with wear will differ per individual.

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