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Mandom LUCIDO-L Hair Wax Nuance Design

Hair Wax Nuance Design

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Item Number: 00029
Barcode: 4902806328554
Size: 2.1oz(60g)

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Hair wax with soft fiber formula gives hair tips and bangs movement and a stylish nuance.
Formulated with a silica powder for a silky feel with holding power. No sticky feel and holds hair style in place. This formula also includes hyaluronic acid which works to keep moisture in the hair shaft for a soft finish.

Use Lucido-L Hair Wax Nuance Design to give movement to hair tips and bangs while holding the hair style. Easy to integrate and with great holding power, Lucido-L Hair Wax washes out easily. Fresh scent is released only when styling.
Preservative-free formulation.


Scoop hair wax out and rub well between fingers
To style, spread into hair ends from neck area upward.
To style bangs, spread throughout bangs with grabbing motions, then pull hair in direction of desired style.
※ Important: Replace cap tightly after each use.

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