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Top Selling Items Ranking

  • Brow and facial razor for a super close, smooth shave. The unique safety guard prevents nicks and irritation providing super protection for delicate skin. 3 razors.

  • Removes spots without scratching.

  • Disposable heat pack for family outdoor leisure. Essential item for travel, trips, and outdoor activities. 10-sheet economy pack. Heating effect lasts for 18 hours.

  • Three dimensional hair styles! "Shake" a cool and random style. Firmly holds hair in random movements and produces long lasting 3D styles. Formulated with a newly developed polymer, "Moving Rubber", that creates less sticky styles with a light finish. Moving Rubber easily spreads through hair to create the style you want. Preservative-free Refreshing green apple fragrance. Unique rubber like container has a trendy form and color. Travel size (0.5 oz)

  • An orange line makes it easy to peel off to get a clean layer. Cuts each layer in a clean line. It won't tear in vertical way. The special glue catches even fine dust, but not damage carpet or fabric. The edge of each layer has no glue, so it won't mess your hands.

  • Designed with a high density brush tip to reach hard to reach areas behind molars. Able to reach into and remove impurities from pockets around teeth. The black bristles are constructed from platinum colloidal ceramics and work great to remove plaque. The bigger head means effective brushing in a shorter time. The flexible neck works to absorb excessive force. Toothbrush is shaped for comfort with a soft rubber grip.

  • Ultra thin bristles will help clean plaque in the periodontal pockets and hard to clean molars. Medium firm brush.

  • Removes plaque between your teeth to help prevent future gum disease and cavities. Size S

  • Thalassotherapy Hair Shampoo. Refill type. As we age, hair loses its ability to stay hydrated and becomes brittle. The Umino Uruoi So ("Gift from Ocean") series contains eleven different seaweed essence to nourish and hydrate each strand of hair. The result is beautiful, healthy, resilient strong hair from the inside out. It is also formulated with minerals from water retrieved from the ocean depths to repair hair damage. 1. Seaweed has a natural moisturizing effect permeating to the hair core that is more powerful than collagen or even haluronic acid. 2. Umino Uruoi So contains 11 kinds of seaweed to moisturize hair inside and out. They are Powell (Hibamata), Kelp, Hizikia, Wakame seaweed, Porphyra tenera (Asakusanori), Mafu seaweed, green string lettuce, Nemacystus decipiens (Mozuku), Tosaka seaweed, Ceylon moss, and Gracilaria vermiculophylla (Ogonori). 3. These moisturizing ingredients absorb the water from the ocean depth and retain minerals to strengthen and nourish hair. Thalasso beauty essences, including Marine Collagen, Marine Squalene, Marine Herbal essence, Marine Plancenta, and others, repair the surface of the hair and lock moisture in. The smooth silky feel is long lasting. Relaxing Floral Marine fragrance.

  • This makeup clensing gel is formulated with an Amino Acid based mild soap to remove makeup and dirt quickly and effectively. Also contains oat extract. Removes dead skin cells to reveal bright, vibrant skin. Hands may be wet when applying. Weakly Acidic, Fragrance Free, Color Free.

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