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Saio TENUGUI Cloth Rabbit Pink

Cloth Rabbit Pink

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Item Number: W0037
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Adorable design with walking rabbits with paper lanterns. Pink.

It looks great to show the design cloth in a frame or tapestry hanger. Can be used as a kitchen cloth, gift wrapping, wine wrap, and many more. Be creative and enjoy Tenugui in your own way.

This product is hand-dyed by the traditional Japanese Chusen dye technique. Color gradually lightens and texture of the cloth becomes softer. Because each cloth is dyed by hand, each one has its own look.

What's Chusen dye?
It is one of the traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. On layers of clothes, apply starch to the area that won't be dyed. After starch is dried, build a bank to the area that will be dyed. Pour dyes inside the bank. Dyes go through all layers of clothes, so finishing colors are vivid in both front and back of the cloth.
Each cloth is dyed by hand and color may transfer when it is wet or it is rubbed on something. Please wash separately by hand and hang dry in shade.
100% cotton
Made in Japan.

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How to wash the tenugui cloth:
1. Wash the tenugui by hand in ample cold water.
2. Stretch wrinkles and hang dry in shade.

Do not wash with hot water or a detergent.
Do not wash with other laundry.
Do not keep the tenugui wet for a long time.

Colors may fade off for the first few wash. It creates your original variation of colors.

Both ends of the tenugui is not sewed for purpose. It makes the tenugui dry fast and sanitary.
For the first several use, thread may come out from both ends. Just trim the thread with scissors. Thread stops coming out after 3-5mm.

Tenugui becomes softer as you use more. It will grow into the only one in the world.

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