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Dariya SALON DE PRO Hair Color Non Smell #2 Lightest  Brown

Hair Color Non Smell #2 Lightest Brown

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Item Number: 98329
Barcode: 4904651178681
Size: 2.8oz(80g)

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Lightest Brown
For a comfortable odorless hair coloring experience for gray hair (No fragrance added)
. Ingredients ensure coverage on hard-to-color hair roots.

Speedy 15 minutes coloring time.

No-drip, easy-to-use cream type.

Any remaining cream may be stored for future use. If used only on hair roots, contents may be used 2-3 times.
Contains Silk Protein to give hair elasticity and strength, Royal Jelly extract to moisturize, Natural Olive Oil for shine, and Botanical Protein to protect hair.
Salon de Pro detail
Salon de Pro Color Chart
This product includes NO ENGLISH INSTRUCTION sheet. We strongly discourage to use this product if you cannot fully understand Japanese.

Do not use on skin/scalp with irritations. Stop use should irritations occur with use. Take care that product does not make contact with eyes. Apply carefully as product may stain skin or scalp with contact. Should hair color make contact with skin or scalp, wipe immediately with tissue or towel. If the stain is stubborn, use a soap and water soaked cotton or cloth.
After application, should hair get wet or there is heavy perspiration, clothing or hats may stain. Apply lightly to areas that will touch collars to prevent staining.


With cap tightly sealed, shake container several times.
Stand container up, open cap and pull brush straight upward and out.
Appy color with brush from roots to tips.
No rinsing necessary.

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