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Cotton Labo BEING Cotton Special 222sheets

Cotton Labo
Cotton Special 222sheets

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Item Number: 89516
Barcode: 4901933563029
Size: 222pcs

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100% Natural Cotton Pads. 222 sheets of 50x60mm square cotton puffs. Extra soft and gentle on your skin. Puffs are made with an innovative technology to weave by water, resulting in a soft feeling and leaving no messy fibers. The pads are a versatile product, suitable for a variety of uses. These include removing makeup and nail polish, applying lotions and creams, cleansing cuts and abrasions, general first aid and baby care.
Material: Cotton100%
Size: 50X60mm
Qty: 222sheets

Do not use the cotton other than regular usage.
Do not flash down to a toilet.
Keep in a clean container to avoid dust.
Keep out of reach of children.

Country of Origin:

Ingredients: cotton

Reviews and Comments for Cotton Labo BEING Cotton Special 222sheets

  • Absolute best cotton pads I have ever used! I bought some while in Hawaii and never have I had such soft cotton. Normally, even with the best quilted pad, the texture is rough and really irritating so sensitive eye areas. But this cotton pad is unbelievably soft and does not fray nor leave fibers in your eyes. Wonderful product.

    by RCS 3/11/2009 3:50:04 PM

Cotton Labo

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