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Kao QUICKLE Floor Sheet Cleaner

Floor Sheet Cleaner

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Item Number: 57746
Barcode: 4901301262790
Size: 1pc

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Very effective in picking up dust and hair using the entire surface of the cushion head.
The cushion head thickness has been reduced 40% for improved access into gaps as small as 3cm. The head rotates for ease of operation or single hand use, and is albe to make tight turns. When standing up against a wall, floor cleaner remains upright thanks to the rubber grip cap. The stylish design matches any interior decor.
Includes two types of sheets.

Wet sheet:
Vacuum cleaning and mopping in one! With the cleaning sheet's textured surface and cleaning agent, hair and dust are trapped as well as dander and dirt. The sheets also are effective in deoderizing and disinfecting. You will feel as if you washed the surface after simply wiping with the sheet. What a smooth finish! Cleans an area of 260 to 350 square feet. As an appropriate amount of cleaning fluid is released, floor surface will not be damaged. Refreshing natural scent.

Dry sheet:
With 500,000 micro fibers, the dry sheet attracts and traps hair, dust and dander for a more sanitary area. Sheets are reversible and may be re-used (100 sq. ft. room up to 12 times).

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Quickle Wiper


1. Assemble wiper
- Insert protrusion (part B) into groove (part A) until it snaps in.
- When assembled, confirm that no parts are loose on grip, handle or head.

2. Attching cleaning sheet
- Spread open sheet and place cleaner head in the middle of the sheet.
- As if to enclose the head, wrap the sheet around the head and press the sheet into the four openings to secure. Press sheet securely into insertions to ensure proper usage.

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