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Shiseido FT SENKA Facial Lotion (from Essence) Refresh

Shiseido FT
Facial Lotion (from Essence) Refresh

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
Item Number: 40339
Barcode: 4901872827794
Size: 6.8floz(200ml)

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Whitening facial lotion, which is made of rich beauty essences, absorbs into skin cells instantly, prevents discolorations and freckles, and brightens skin tone. Refreshing type for normal to oily skin.

Contains a stabilized Vitamin C derivative as a brightening ingredient.
Also contains double Hyaluronic Acid acid and Royal Jelly to moisturize.
Fragrance free, Color free and
Allergy tested.

What's Micro Moisture Method?

Shiseido's original emulsification method creates micro fine moisturizing cream ingredients which are blended with lotion. The result is a product that maintains rich moisture in your skin like a cream but is refreshing like a lotion.

What's Dual Hyaluronic Acid?

There are two types of Hyaluronic Acid. One is to give skin elasticity and the other is to keep moisture in skin long after application. In addition to Hyaluronic Acids, the product also contains Royal Jelly extract which has different permeability levels. All three moisturizing ingredients work in different levels of your skin cells.

What's Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is a special nutrient-rich food that thousands of worker bees collect and produce for their queen bee. It is a well-balanced, nutrient-rich food and is perfect for your skin as well.

Which areas do we find most discolorations and freckles?
Areas with most sun exposure, the nose and right above the cheekbones, are the most notorious areas. If you are exposed to the sun unexpectedly and your skin is unprotected, use this facial lotion to give intense whitening care to skin immediately.

What is the Stabilized Vitamin C derivative?
The main beauty benefit of Vitamin C is to control the formation of Melanin and to prevent discolorations and freckles from forming. Because Vitamin C is very fragile in water, Shiseido Senka Facial Lotion is formulated with the stabilized vitamin C derivative to create a unique lotion that works well to transfer Vitamin C to benefit your skin.

Do not use on skin with cuts or rashes. If you notice irritation or other skin problems during use of this product, discontinue use immediately and consult doctor. Symptoms may worsen with use. Do not store in extremely high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight. Rinse immediately product makes contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. This product contains Royal Jelly extract which tends to appear yellow. This does not affect quality or performance.


After cleansin, apply to entire face.

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Shiseido FT

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